Academy Asset Management LLC is a Philadelphia-based, registered investment advisor managing the Academy Funds, separately managed accounts, and employer-sponsored retirement plans.

Founded with the support of 15 well-respected Philadelphia business and civic leaders, Academy's mission since inception has been to provide the fairest and most transparent standard for investors.

The integrity of Academy's offering resides in its unwavering commitment to gain a deeper understanding of an individual company, specifically, the advantage of ownership. Through an extensive and pointed research process, Academy targets quality businesses able to sustain value under a variety of conditions and generate future returns.

Long-term business investment, rather than stock trading, drives Academy's strategies, a fundamental distinction that allows transcendence of market sentiment in an effort to build portfolios capable of generating inherent, not traded, returns.


Academy Asset Management LLC
325 Chestnut Street
Suite 512
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Phone: 215-979-3750
Fax: 215-979-3759